Friday, May 31, 2013

Common Core Conversations - Using Evidence From Text - Read by Wed. June 5

Our professional reading for this learning cycle is "Common Core Conversations- Using Evidence from Text" which can be found at  .

Please read it before your department meeting on Wednesday, June 5th where you will have a chance to discuss it.

A highlighted PDF version was sent out via CPS e-mail on Friday, May 31 by Ms. Feltes. The photo will make sense once you read the article.

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Feltes said...

Hello fantastic owls! I hope the article illustrated the connections between our TIA and the Common Core State Standards, and I hope your discussion was productive and helpful!

Just a reminder, our TIA is:

Critical Analysis: Identifying and Using Claims and Supporting Evidence in Reading, Writing, and Speech.

I was able to attend the Math department's meeting today and heard lots of great connections and examples of how they are facilitating the TIA based on their content area.

How's TIA work going in your department? Feel free to leave any comments about the article here!

Ms. Feltes