Friday, October 30, 2009

Interim Assessment, a User's Guide - Kim Marshall

"Interim assessments are an important tool for school improvement, but they are easy to use poorly. Mr. Marshall provides 10 guidelines for using these tests effectively."

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This short (5 page) article is an overview of how interim assessment such as the NWEA tests can be used to improve teaching and learning. The article points out some pitfalls of using such tests, and may give you some ideas for how we can use interim assessment more effectively at NGHS.

After you read the article, please comment on it using the "COMMENTS" link under this post. Which of Marshall's ten guidelines do you think we need to work on most at NGHS? Which of the guidelines are we implementing best at NGHS? What are your suggestions for how to best use interim assessment at NGHS? Please sign your name to your comment so we can continue the discussion in the non-virtual world.

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Mr. Cantor said...

Overall, the article was helpful. I got a better sense of how we can use the NWEA data.

One thing we need to do is work on Marshall's point #2 - clarifying learning outcomes. Slimming down the Descartes learning outcomes to something manageable for lesson planning would be great.

Time will tell, but I think we're doing well with guideline #4. I think we have a good assessment in the NWEA tests. Now, using the data well is the challenge.

Phil Cantor